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Meetings attended: ___________________


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Name:  __________________________________________________________________

Address:  _________________________________________________________________

City:  _________________________________  State:  __________  ZIP:  _____________

Phone:  ________________ E-mail address: ______________________________________

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$12 per year for single, $15 for family, $10 for associate due on or before the November meeting of eash fiscal year;  except in cases of new membership when payment must accompany application form. Junior membership is $5.


I hereby consent to provide as required by the Club, records of my dog ownership, breeding, and exhibiting.  Details on breeding must go back three years and exhibiting must go back two years.

I have read, understood, and will abide by all the requirements stated in details for membership.

Signature:  _____________________________________  Date:  _____________________

Endorsed by: ___________________________________  Date:  _____________________

Endorsed by: ___________________________________  Date:  _____________________


Details Regarding Membership

Eligibility:  Membership will be open to all persons 18 years of age and older who are in good standing with the American Kennel Club and who subscribe to the purposes of the Club.  The Club's primary purpose is to represent the breeders and exhibiters in the immediate area. Those under 18 may apply as a junior member for a fee of $5 if they own a Samoyed and they are not covered under a family membership.

Dues:  Membership dies shall be $12 per year, $15 for a family, payable on or before the November meeting. Associate members are $10 and are non-voting.  All membership types include a subscription to the SAMD Bulletin.

Election to Membership:  Applicant must complete the Application Form and have the endorsement of two members in good standing.  Accompanying the application, the prospective member shall submit dues payment for the current year.  Applicant is required to attend two meetings before his/her application for membership will be voted on by the Club.

Completed Application is to be filed with the Secretary and will be read at the first meeting of the club following its receipt.  After the applicant has attended two club meetings, the application will be voted upon and affirmation votes of 3/4th of the members present and voting at the meeting shall be required to elect the applicant.  Applications for membership which have been rejected by the club may not reapply within one year after such rejection.

Termination of Membership:  Memberships may be terminated:

a) by resignation.  Any member in good standing may resign from the club upon written notice to the Secretary;  no member may resign when in debt to the club.  Dues obligations are considered a debt to the club and they become incurred at the November meeting of each fiscal year;

b) by lapsing.  A membership will be considered as lapsed and automaticaly terminated if such member's dues remain unpaid 90 days after the November meeting of the fiscal year;  however, in no way may a person be entitiled to vote at any club meeting whose dues are unpaid as of the date of that meeting;

c) by expulsion.  A membership may be terminated by expilsion as provided in Article VI of the By-Laws;

d) by failure to provide the Club with details of kennel records.  Members are required to provide the club with all the details of their kennel operation as follows:

details of dog ownership

breeding records for the last three years

exhibitor records for the last two years

Failure to provide the above-mentioned records when required would terminate membership.

Mail with application fee to:

Mary Hancock

6295 Springport Road

Eaton Rapids, MI  48827

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